The Perfect Fundraiser for your
Theatre, Group or Organization!"...
A show and fundraising program that will increase attendance, increase donations,
and build a list of donors and patrons for you -- automatically! ...
Some of the Groups We have Helped with our Shows and Program Include:
How many times have you wished
you could present the "Perfect" Fundraiser?

An event that people will enjoy, remember and gladly contribute to -- not just once -- but as many as six times or more throughout the event!

My name is Harry Maurer and I am a professional comedy magician who performs regularly in the showrooms of Las Vegas, Atlantic City and I entertain on some of the most exclusive cruise lines in the world! (some that charge as much as $1,000 per day per person to sail with them!)

My shows have been critically acclaimed by "Variety", "The New York Post", "The Philadelphia Enquirer", "The Newark Star Ledger"...and other major newspapers around the country -- and our shows have been nominated for a prestigious "Atlantic City Entertainer of the Year Award" -- So you can be assured that we have the experience and the credentials to provide high quality entertainment that people regularly pay to see.

In 1994 I started working with fundraising groups in different areas of the country providing entertainment at their fundraising events in hotels and local theaters -- and we had great turnouts – 500, 1000, 2000 people per event!...

...But I noticed opportunities that were missed!
Ways that those fundraising organizations could have made a higher return on their investment while at the same time building their donor list and tripling -- or even quadrupling the donations they could have received for their fundraising efforts!
So I developed a System!

I combined a winning show with marketing and internet programs – similar to systems that are used by corporations to increase attendance at their trade shows.

I then added additional income generating components like “after show sales”, included free professionally printed posters and flyers to help my clients keep the production looking slick, professional and appealing, added customized web pages and social media links to increase attendance and developed it all into a complete fundraising package that will help you to leverage a higher return for your fundraising efforts!

To set up a system like this yourself would take you months of work
and thousands of dollars
to implement...

...and even then you still need to find GREAT entertainment for your fundraising event or you will hurt your reputation in the community!
This is a complete package that will allow you to raise
4-6 times the money than you would raise
with a performance alone, and we do it in a number
of creative ways, including:


Providing professional and universally appealing entertainment


Creating up to six different opportunities for people to donate throughout the program


Built in income generating components to make the event as profitable as it can be


Building community awareness of your Fundraising event


Building your email and donor list for you — “automatically”


Much more than I can go into detail here without determining your specific needs

Best of all is the Price!

Because our program costs your group… NOTHING!

That's right -- "Zilch", "Zada" ... NOTHING!

It's a very simple system -- you provide the venue, and other than a small deposit to hold the date (which is refunded to you in full after the event) -- all fees for the fundraiser are paid from a portion of the proceeds of the show.

Fees are paid from a portion of the proceeds -- NOT from ANY of the donations!
(the donations belong to your group - 100%!)

Think your Theater or Group is too small for our Program?

Don't worry... we DO NOT select our clients based on “size” (hey -- in the past we brought in over $35,000 with a room that held less than 100 people).  

Instead, we select our clients based on our availability, your location (we are in different areas of the country at different point of the year) and based on need.

(We love helping theaters and charities that need it!).

Want to see How the Program Works?

Watch the video below to see how we take a winning show and make it into a successful fundraiser for your theatre or group complete with FREE full color posters, flyers, press release, FREE after show products for sale, FREE customized web pages and online systems and incentives that will increase your attendance and build your email list for you...

ALL INCLUDED as part of our Supercharged Fundraising Production!

Take just SIX MINUTES to Explore the details of our program!
(Total Playing time is 6:47)


Give me a call today at (281) 345-9322 and I will be happy to give you all of the details and answer any questions you may have about creating an exceptional fundraiser for your theatre, group or organization.


Or better yet -- click on the button below and use our ONLINE CALCULATOR to get a conservative estimate of what we estimate that we can raise for your theatre or group based on numbers that YOU provide!

(And our totals are based on only 80% occupancy!)

I know you will be thrilled at what we can do for your group!

Client and Audience Testimonials...
We have never NOT raised money for our Fundraising Clients -- and audiences LOVE our shows!

“This show has something for everyone, and because it is different from our musicals, comedies and dramas, this event will give our current audiences something new and will introduce entirely new audiences to the Houston Family Arts Center.”

Bob Clark – Executive Director
Houston, TX

“Great show for families. The parents in our area REALLY appreciated that! We are looking forward to a return engagement!”

Gene Yaws – Managing Artistic Director
Greensboro, GA

“I recently put together an outing to see Harry Maurer putting on a fundraiser show for a local theater.  He presented multiple shows to help HFAC raise money for their theater which goes to help fund the teaching programs they offer children and adults.

The people we brought to the theater were truly entertained, amazed and mystified by Harry’s Magic – and – Humor.  Most of the guests had never had an opportunity to see a World Class Magician. The tricks that Harry offered  were amazing!  We are all looking forward to the next time Harry Maurer will be having a show in our town.  You can count on our attendance.  Thanks Harry for making us smile, laugh out loud and making us very happy!”

Carolyn Hyatte
Audience Member

Houston, TX

“I needed to go to the bathroom during your show but couldn't leave because your show was marvelous!"

Aaron Richard
Oklahoma City, OK 

“When we solicited ideas for our fundraising event, two of our trustees independently suggested Harry. It was a pleasure to work with Harry in preparation for our event and then enjoy his hilarious and amazing show. From preparing gorgeous invitations and posters for our event, to clearly and patiently walking us through the various performance and social media options, Harry was always warm and professional.”

Rabbi Kenny Weiss
Houston, TX

"I've usually found magicians to be boring simply because they are so often full of themselves.  Harry Maurer changed my opinion!  I felt like I was being entertained by a good friend who was having as much fun as I was.  Harry made an audience of several hundred feel as though each of us was as important to the performance as he was. The illusions were all presented in a casual, fun way without losing any of their spectacular mystery. I was amazed, entertained and completely awed! What a fun show!"

Marc Langer
Cleveland , OK  USA

“We are always excited about an event that is all about artists helping artist. While our focus is on theatrical production, hosting comedy and magic reaches out to even more people in our community and reinforces our belief that the theater offers something for everyone. Harry Maurer offers a family-friendly show with ‘clean’ comedy and amazing magic tricks to please all ages.”

Gregory Magyar – Performing Arts Director
Katy, TX

“What an incredible show! My whole family was mesmerized from my 6 year old daughter to my 65 year old mom!”

Chona Foellmer
Audience Member

Elmwood Park, IL

Press Reviews...
See how well our shows are received around the country!

“His easy manner with the audience combined with a magical skill second to none, is what the audience remembers after the curtain goes down…”


“Ah, but then came the good stuff…We speak of comedian-magician Harry Maurer. Physically unimposing, Maurer had stage presence to burn. ..Because, see, it wasn’t the trick itself. It was the spontaneous interaction between Maurer and Dwight, helped along by the magician’s NASCAR-quick ad libs and polished stage patter, that made the trick work.  Maurer left the stage, and we watched the rest of the show wind up, but we found ourselves hungry for more of Maurer’s magic. Because, despite a Mick Jagger President, a trembling Wall Street and a hurricane threat, when Maurer had been on stage, we were certain the sun had broken through the clouds. At least for a little while.” 


“The key to this production is ‘magico’ Harry Maurer, a brash, youthful performer with a good sense of humor who knows how to get around audiences.”


“But comedian-magician Harry Maurer remains the reason to see “Christmas Time in Dixie”. We saw the act during a prior review and, if possible, got more joy out of it this time. Maurer is a quick-witted polished stage presence and, since his act depends on an audience volunteer, just about anything could happen. But you know you’re in sure hands as you watch him tease the tension perfectly from his victim — I mean, volunteer. His “human drum roll” is a hoot and a half and his plea for his “first” standing ovation is a must-see. Hire a baby sitter and go down to the New Palace to check out Harry.”


“What makes the evening good fun is the get-in-on-the-fun feeling generated by magician Harry Maurer.”


 “Magician/comedian Harry Maurer is appealing and very good!”


 “The costumes, lighting and sound are excellent and the dancing is outstanding. Add to this the street wise comedy and magic of Harry Maurer, and you complete the picture of a knock-out show!”


“Before you can blink your eyes or take a deep breath magician-comedian Harry Maurer takes the stage. Now I was sitting 10-15 feet from the stage and I have absolutely no idea how this guy does these tricks, but I do know one thing, Maurer is good — very good! This just might be one of the best entertainment values anywhere in South Jersey, not just Atlantic City!… Harry Maurer is a magician who enjoys an enviable reputation in ‘Casino City’… the magic of Harry Maurer must be seen!”


 “Welcome back, Harry!…Glad to report the very entertaining Harry Maurer is back in ‘AyCee’… His stock-in-trade is first-rate magic spiced up with some genuinely humorous shtick and messing around with audience members. Catch him if you can!”


 “It can only be assumed Maurer has another 45 minutes or so of illusions. If so, why in the world doesn’t some casino give this guy his own production show?”



We've eliminated the risk and arranged this program so that it will cost your group NOTHING for the fundraiser... 
(and costs even less to find out if we can help you

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